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Public Speakers

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“The most sophisticated people I know - inside they are all children. ”
― Jim Henson

The cry we hear from deep in our   hearts,  comes from the wounded child within.  Healing this inner  child’s pain is the key healing to transforming anger,  sadness, and fear. – Thich Nhat Hanh.

Is living a healthy life important for you personally?  What does 'a healthy life' mean for you? Are there areas you'd like to change? Thoughts, beliefs, feelings, behaviours, relationships that don't serve you? Have you discovered the path to achieving your inner balanced life? Are you searching for your ideal mental-emotional-physical wellness?


Since you are still here, it's safe to say that 'living your best, most peace-filled, joyful & fulfiling life is important'.


Emotional Fitness® Life provides learning opportunities fostering healthy personal & professional relationships with self & others.  Our commitment is to offer the Emotional Fitness® Listening Approach through 1-on-1 coaching with practitioners, certification courses, workshops & personalized programs for individuals and/or groups (organizations).

Become a better listener in all your relationships, feel your best, find peace&happiness, and live the full, rich life you desire. Many seek the path to enlightenment.  The journey within combined with a great listening ear is guaranteed to enlighten the voyage into 'inner space' and offer freedom. 

Emotional Fitness® Life is led by a team of licensed practitioners passionate about emotional health and wellness.  Our hands-on training courses are varied & provide experiences like no other, making it easy to be supported while doing personal inner work and becoming a better listener. All training programs are geared for people from all walks of life with diverse needs. 


  • Take a course to focus on your personal development 

  • Become a Licensed Emotional Fitness® Practitioner

  • Enhance your listening skills with a few tools to facilitate at your workplace with: staff, teams, groups...  


Emotional Fitness® Life is a way of experiencing my world!

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What does living a balanced Emotional Fitness® Life mean for you?

‘Warren Redman has drawn on nearly thirty years experience as a psychotherapist, personal development trainer, coach, & lifelong learner to produce a book of immense significance and value to people who seek greater personal fulfilment.’ p. 20-22 The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness®     

Born in England, Warren Redman, a psychotherapist for nearly 35 years, spent much time conducting his own research in proving the efficacy of the Emotional Fitness® Approach.   'Influenced by some of the finest teachers and thinkers of the last fifty years, Redman created a synthesis of the nine steps for a new century that has already seen enormous upheaval....This book is a practical guide for a life of meaning, fulfilment and happiness.'  Warren moved to Canada in the mid 90s and presently resides in southeast, NB with his wife, Nicole. He continues to be involved in sharing his work through the Emotional Fitness® Institute Incorporated.  

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                      The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness®   P. 20-22 The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness®

1-  Listening Power: ‘…listen more deeply to others & to yourself…’
2-  Learning From Experience: ‘…discover more about your experiences and what you have learned from them.’
3-  Lifescale:  ‘…unlock the door to your understanding of what brings you satisfaction and frustration.’
4-  Time Capsule:  ‘…connect your present self with your past and even your future…become your own personal guide.’
5-  Group Dialogue:  ‘…how to communicate and especially how to listen and to help others listen to each other.’
6-  Storytelling:  ‘..access your own inner stories & gain a greater understanding of yourself..not only..the past, but now’
7-  Dreamtime:  ‘…learn to access your dreams…enabling you to understand your own meanings from the symbols…’
8-  Mirror:  ‘…will bring you face-to-face with yourself…you will be seeing the new you emerge.’ 
9-  Connections: ‘…enable you to move forward to achieve long lasting emotional fitness.’    

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Emotional Fitness® tools "enable people to transform negative experiences and beliefs into postitive, creative action, faster and more lastingly than believed possible.  There is magic here and yet there are no tricks. This is real magic. .... We teach the tools of Emotional Fitness® for people to use for themselves, and to pass on to others in their lives."  p. 29 The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness®