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To teach and provide the Emotional Fitness® method, empowering all people to live their most favorable health & wellness, inner balanced life in the present moment.


To join a whole community practicing Emotional Fitness® Life

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Swimming pool shower

Core Values

  • Attentive- paying close attention to myself and in my relationships

  • Clarity- the quality of being authentic & affirmative with myself and in my relationships

  • Discovery- the process of discovering & finding myself and having aha moments

  • Faith- complete trust in myself & in the process of the Emotional Fitness® method

  • Hope- desiring & expecting something wonderful to happen to me and for others

  • Trust- believing in my ability & strength and the benefits the Emotional Fitness® method


The Approach of the 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness® is the sole basis of all our courses, workshops, training programs and one-on-one sessions with practitioners. We believe that in each person lies the answers to his/her problems. In a powerful way, individuals listen deeply to what is going on inside, make desired changes and progress onward with new personalized action plans.

Landscape with lake

Emotional Fitness® Life offers training guaranteed to help the individual who wants to personally feel better about his/her life at home/work/play, as well as supporting the business enterprise that values human worth and wants to create an atmosphere of leadership, support and growth.

As practitioners, we abstain from offering suggestions, advice, criticism or guidance. Rather, each person is supported through deep listening which is sure to bring clarity to the mind and connect to the innate wisdom where answers reside.