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Daniel Richards
Be The Change You Want To Be
Live Your Best Emot
ional Fitness Life

Meet Daniel

Emotional Fitness® Coach in Training specializing in helping men of all ages gain greater clarity, life purpose and inner peace. Motivational Speaker alongside his wife Michelle Gallant-Richards: empowering people to empower themselves - holistically. 

My goal is to provide a safe space for men of all ages to feel comfortable to speak about their emotions, frustrations, thoughts, beliefs and experiences without feeling judgment or receiving advice. By offering Emotional Fitness® Power Listening sessions, I am able to support individuals in discovering new ways of approaching everyday frustrations and turning them into satisfactions creating lasting positive change in their lives. As a co-speaker with my wife, Michelle, I empower my fellow humans to embark on a journey into emotional fitness and experience the positive impacts for themselves. I am nearing the end of my coach training course and will be a licensed in Emotional Fitness® by the end of March 2023. Presently, I am available for coaching at a reduced fee. 


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