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Emotional Fitness®
Education Facilitator

Why bring Emotional Fitness® into the classroom and schools?

The 200hrs Emotional Fitness® Education Facilitator training course provides participants the opportunity to fully experience & practice the processes of Emotional Fitness® as developed by Warren Redman, and learn effective Mindfit4life™ strategies for the workplace. In the first part of this program, participants will discover the power of deep listening through the approach found in the book 'The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness®' which won the 2004 Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Award as a self-help toolkit for the 21st century. This customized training course will offer participants a range of techniques to improve their emotional fitness and overall mental wellbeing. Through interactive sessions, participants will learn to implement Emotional Fitness® into their daily routines, both at work and at home.  The course will cover topics such as stress management, mindful living, emotional regulation, communication skills, especially power listening, and more. By the end of the program, participants will have a better understanding of their emotional triggers and the ability to handle challenging situations with greater resilience and effectiveness. Overall, the training course will help individuals and teams thrive both in and out of the workplace by creating a more positive and collaborative environment, leading to higher levels of engagement, productivity, support, and satisfaction.

Alongside the Emotional Fitness® Certification Training Course, participants will learn Mindfit4life™ strategies specifically arranged to support colleagues and teams in various work environments. Mindfit4life™ focuses on developing a greater sense of personal & professional mindfulness, emotional wellness, and resilience in dealing with other individuals and their issues. By applying Mindfit4life™ and Emotional Fitness® in any workplace setting, it leads to increased productivity, better communication, and reduced stress levels. Individuals learn to manage their emotions, improve their decision-making skills, and develop a positive mindset, strengthening team dynamics, a more positive work environment, and improving overall performance. Additionally, these strategies are useful in various environments such as organizations, educational institutions, healthcare systems, hospitality, corporate workplaces and other. Individuals use specific skills and techniques to help manage their emotions and improve their focus and concentration. By promoting emotional fitness, employers and employees create positive and inclusive environments that encourages engagement and fosters healthy relationships. Additionally, these strategies help manage stress and burnout, leading to a more fulfilling work experience.


Michelle Gallant-Richards is a licensed Emotional Fitness® instructor who is passionate about helping teachers, education staff and students experience peace, joy and a strong sense of inner balance.  Michelle is a former educator within both the public and private school systems. In 2019, she decided to end her 25 year career where she was a teacher for Anglophone East School District in Moncton, NB and pursue her deep desire to help people help themselves in achieving a healthy mental and emotional life through holistic therapies.  Michelle is a trained RRT, licensed Emotional Fitness® Facilitator & Instructor.  She is dedicated to  empowering people to empower themselves and their fellow humans.  Michelle believes in creating a world of peace by becoming better listeners for personal self-care and in offering support to others. Her dream is to bring Emotional Fitness® into all schools worldwide, knowing that the positive results are exponential for both staff and students alike. Working closely with Warren, Michelle embodies the vision of sharing the approach of  Emotional Fitness® to all people from all walks of life. She believes in the idea of creating a safe space where the values of authenticity, courage, love and empathy are experienced and support is offered by a team of licensed Emotional Fitness® facilitators. We are in this world together. Why not support our personal & professional life journeys together!    

200hr Education Facilitator Training Program

Who can attend: Educators, Admin, District Staff and

all other Professionals

What: Combined Training Course (Emotional

Fitness® Certification & Mindfit4life™ in the Workplace

When: Starts May 26/27, 2023 

Where: Online & In-person (NB-Greater Moncton)

Investment: $2995 + HST (2023 Cohort Special)

(Save $1185 - Actual Cost $4180 +HST)

Time lot: 15hrs/monthly

Program dates: may be adjusted with group contract



One Weekend/Monthly: 10hr block 

May 26/27, June 23/24, Jul. 21/22, Aug. 18/19, Sept. 22/23, Oct. 20/21, Nov. 17/18, Dec. 8/9, Jan. 12/13,

Feb. 9/10, Mar. 15/16, Apr. 12/13 

One Evening/Monthly: 2.5hr block

June 7, Jul. 5, Aug. 2 & 30, Oct. 4, Nov. 1,& 29, Dec. 20, Jan. 24, Feb. 21, Mar. 27, Apr. 24, May 1 (extra)

"Graduation Celebration" May 4, 2024  

Experience the 9 Steps of Emotional Fitness for yourself. It is transformational and far reaching into the home, work and leisure life. See changes occur in the youth you teach, your colleagues and your loved ones when you offer power listening with intention. Become one of many educators who are creating a tidal wave by bringing effective health & wellness strategies into their classrooms and schools.


Register today and see you on the other side!

Check with your union and workplace for eligible funding. 

Register Today!

Sign up! Become an Emotional Fitness® Education Facilitator

Start date May 26/27, 2023 to May 4, 2024 

200hrs Special Combined Program: Emotional Fitness® & Mindfit4Life  

Investment:  $2995+HST (Special Deal: Save $1185 for the 2023 Cohort)

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