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Emotional Fitness® Listening Coach/Group Facilitator

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Jocelyne Wandler (Grandma Jo)

Coach -Group Facilitator

Hello everyone! My name is Jocelyne Wandler, aka Grandma Jo. 

Here's a little experience I created for myself; a follow-up to a challenge. This is a short story on 'Listening to self and Forgiveness'.

"I am always busy, I always want to be productive with my time and honestly, I am not succeeding. I do not like to listen to myself and I neglect myself."

Frustrated, I went for a walk and decided to tape myself while practicing Listening Power. I like to experiment so I started to talk nonsense if you ask me,  but it was a creative use of my time.  I kept on talking about the past, a bad experiences I lived and reviewing the concept 'letting it go while forgiving the man who caused me to be in so much pain'.  I felt proud for doing so well until I asked myself: "What about me? What about forgiving myself?" Tears began rolling down my cheeks, and I realized I never forgave myself for being in that situation! 


I was blaming myself, I was keeping that pain alive. I decided to forgive 'me'. I spoke out loud: "I forgive myself. I deserve it. I'm worth as much as everybody else that I forgive. I can forgive myself and that's it. It's done. I'm forgiven."


I felt a sense of relief; I think I felt peace. I was delighted I took on that challenge and freed myself.  I would have never known that I was keeping myself captive of the past. Thanks for the 9 Steps of Emotional Fitness®, by Warren Redman. I am so glad I learned about this approach. 


I've known about Emotional Fitness® for many years now and I am always amazed at what I will find when I choose to listen to myself.  There is likely more of buried emotions deep within causing me grief and such which is why I choose to keep listening & searching to find my answers.


I encourage each of you to take a chance and discover your full potential through learning how to listening to yourself through 1-on-1 sessions and/or training courses offered by Emotional Fitness® Life // Vivre Emotional Fitness®   


My Story

Granma Jo – A Change Agent


As a child in elementary school, I stood up for my friends.  

As a youth, I was the first girl to work like a man as a groom at the racetrack

As my young lady, my 1st job description, was 'Bus Driver Coordinator in a rural environment.

As an adult, I joined the military and became the 1st female MAMS officer with airborne regiment training.  

As an OJT programmer, I rewrote an obsolete program with no one knowing the purpose of the program.

....I went from Programming to Data Analyst to Data Administration within 10 years. 


Recognizing that politics were more important than 'information integrity', I left the corporate sector & the information system environment. This realization was a major blow to my trusting these types of systems. At the time, my mental health suffered since I could not deal with the various levels of manipulation within the corporate and information sectors.  


I volunteered in various capacities: supporting mentally ill prisoners, feeding the poor, working with women, senior, and in schools.  At one point, I even ran for politics, only to experience betrayal within the political party in question.


Quitting is not part of my DNA. I am on this great journey to find My Truth, My Authenticity and My Integrity. 

As an Emotional Fitness® Coach, I am ready to listen to you and help you find yourelf. 

I choose to 'Live My Truth Not Someone Else's Lie'.  

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