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Michelle Gallant-Richards
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Training Instructor, Personal Coach Practitioner & Transformation Speaker

Expert in Emotional Fitness® & MindFit4Life™️ offering experiential training such as workshops for businesses/organizations, unique workshops for women-professionals-couples-young adults, personal 1-on-1 sessions, certification training courses, and other programs based on needs.

Mini Bio:

Michelle  celebrates a well respected 20+ year career as an elementary and middle school educator having helped hundreds of youth build strong life foundations. Experiencing a physical, mental and emotional 'burnout' in her early 40s, she set out to discover a way out of those difficult years without the use of prescription drugs numbing her thoughts and emotions. 

Determined to conquer 'the reason' behind her lost 'sense of self' and reconnect to her most 'authentic joyful self', Michelle set out on this incredible voyage into inner space. Though this journey into self was long and, at times, painful, she discovered many 'untaught' nuggets along the way. 


Michelle has captured the essence of living life to the fullest while remaining at peace and filled with happiness despite those minor life trials and difficulties that all too often occur. Today, she has evolved into a successful transformation training instructor, personal coach practitioner and public speaker, equipping clients and audiences to gain a greater knowledge and understanding about their emotions & feelings, personal triggers, belief systems, the negative power of projection or even taking things personally, as well as learning how to release what does not belong.


Michelle empowers individuals from all walks of life to shift mindsets and create positive change by discovering the power of deeply listening to self and to others in a very unique and extremely effective way.  


Michelle specializes in Emotional Fitness®️, MindFit4Life™️ and Reflexology combined with tools such as EFT & Bubbling™️  

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For over thirty years, my passion has been to help youth & adults from all walks of life to be their most authentic self, to have an equal voice, to empower themselves to live life to the fullest and to take ownership of the innate potential and wisdom carrying it into all areas of their personal and professional life. My skill is to help you gain greater clarity into the unique aspects of your humanity, challenge your thinking in taking the journey into inner space, empower you to release past programming & negative experiences, as well as personal triggers caused by un-serving beliefs.  Together we will discover the power of deeply listening to self and others, explore new behaviors and beliefs, while resetting your comfort zone. My goal is to help you gain a greater sense of personal and professional awareness, acceptance, deliverance and freedom to be and live your most peace-filled and joyful authentic life. In turn, this will empower you to — create a better present & future for yourself personally and professionally.

The greatest honor for me is to work with people and organizations from all walks of life.  There is no greater gift than that of being present for all humans regardless of name and stature.  I am here to empower you to empower yourself.  I am here to help you empower your employees. I am here to help you empower your family and friends. My motto is "live life to the fullest by remaining emotionally and mentally balanced despite the trials and difficulties of life". 

My expertise comes from personal life experiences, research, training and certification in the fields of holistic health therapies, my 25+ years as a public and private school educator, as well as my work within the blind and visually impaired community. My time is divided between offering individual coaching sessions, specialized workshops, training courses, and speaking to large and small groups. 

On a personal note, I am a mother, grand mother and wife of an amazing life partner, Daniel. I was an educator from 1992 to 2019, with a few years off to realigned my thoughts and set forth a new career path which led me to open Reflexology Clinic, and launch Emotional Fitness® Life in 2021. 


My belief is that using a holistic approach to achieve mental, emotional & physical inner balance far outweighs the tedious effort, time and financial investment it requires. I call it "taking care of myself".  Just as you take care of your vehicle, your home, your hair, your clothing... taking care of the inner self is in need of a greater care. The most important commitment to self is the willingness to do what it takes to achieve the desired results of being filled with a sense of inner balance.   


Food for thought:

"When I really understood that I didn't have to be a victim of my circumstances, and that what I had been doing for all these years was to keep myself trapped in a box I had been taught was all I deserved to have as my world, I started to free myself." - Warren Redman p.53 The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness

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What Clients Say

Every person ought to have this opportunity! I walked away feeling deeply heard, understood and with so many ideas of how to solve the problem that at first felt limiting, heavy and binding. The experience opened my eyes to so many rich possibilities and doable actions moving forward.    ~Mary Stewart