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Michelle Gallant-Richards

Michelle Gallant-Richards
Be The Change You Want To Be
Live Your Best Emotional Fitness Life

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Meet Michelle

Emotional Fitness® Life Instructor, Executive Coach for Leaders, Training & Workshop Facilitator, Holistic Health Practitioner & Transformational Speaker

My specialty is Emotional Fitness® & MindFit4Life™️. I offer experiential training such as customized workshops for businesses, organizations, education, health & wellness, leadership groups, women's groups, couples and wherever there is a need and a desire for more emotional fitness.  I am an executive coach empowering leaders to discover at a deeper level the power and peace within resulting in stronger and healthier home and work lives. As an Emotional Fitness® Instructor, I am equipped with the licensing to offer Personal Development and Facilitator Training Certification.  I love speaking to various groups about mental & emotional wellness strategies, as well as co-speaking with my husband of 31 years, Daniel Richards. Our topics are generally about building healthy relationships and fortifying inner balance.   


Michelle  celebrates a well respected 20+ year career as a private and public school teacher having helped hundreds of individuals build strong life foundations. She lived through 2 major physical injuries and a difficult mental and emotional 'burnout' throughout which she enabled herself to transform her negative experiences and beliefs into positive, creative actions that created lasting positive changes to this day. Michelle's fervent desire was to heal herself and discover basic, simple truths and self-help tools and methods that would guarantee such results for others experiencing depression, anger, anxiety, stress, burnout and other. Today, Michelle lives her life to the fullest. Daily, she cultivates a spirit of inner peace and happiness despite life's all too present and impartial trials and difficulties. Michelle is an executive coach facilitator/instructor and transformation speaker.

As a devout practitioner of 'living life as a miracle', Michelle believes intensely in the wonder of the human body, mind and spirit having the ability to self-regulate, self-restore and bring about a sense of great inner balance.  She uses 'KISS' in her approach to living life:  Emotional Fitness®️, MindFit4Life™️,  EFT, Bubbling™️ combined with other practices of choice.  

Workshops / Training / Speaker Engagements / 1-1 Coaching





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What Clients Say

Every person ought to have this opportunity! I walked away feeling deeply heard, understood and with so many ideas of how to solve the problem that at first felt limiting, heavy and binding. The experience opened my eyes to so many rich possibilities and doable actions moving forward.    ~M.Stewart
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