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Michelle Gallant-Richards

Michelle Gallant-Richards
Be The Change You Want To Be
Live Your Best Emotional Fitness Life

Meet Michelle

Transformation Speaker,

Emotional Fitness® Instructor & Mindfit4Life Coach

Michelle, an Emotional Fitness® Instructor and

Mindfit4Life Coach, specializes in guiding individuals and organizations toward self-growth and emotional wellness.

With expertise in education (BEd) and therapies like Emotional Fitness®, Reflexology, and EFT, she offers simple yet effective strategies. Through her engaging approach, clients become better listeners, turn frustrations into satisfactions, and enhance their emotional well-being.


  • Women Empowerment

  • Wellness & Self-Care

  • Becoming an Effective Listener

  • Listening Skills and Emotional Fitness®: Keys to Effective Workplace Communication & Collaboration

  • Prioritizing Mental & Emotional Health in the Workplac

  • Thriving Through Turbulence: Preventing Burnout

Workshops / Training / Speaker Engagements / 1-1 Coaching


Nice to be Seen: A Story of Innate Resiliency & Determination to Live

Michelle and her husband of 32 years, Daniel Richards, bring a powerful and fresh approach to resilience in the face of a major illness with a partner caregiver. Daniel suffered a major stroke on November 21, 2023, due to undiagnosed metastatic brain cancer lesions. Together, they share their journey of determination, love, and the will to live against all odds.

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Every person ought to have this opportunity! I walked away feeling deeply heard, understood and with so many ideas of how to solve the problem that at first felt limiting, heavy and binding. The experience opened my eyes to so many rich possibilities and doable actions moving forward.    ~M.Stewart
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