Michelle Gallant-Richards

practitioner-instructor-transformation speaker

Hey! It looks like you’re searching for answers to achieve personal & professional inner peace, happiness, stability and other important aspects to living a healthy, balanced  life.  


For years, I, too, explored numerous websites, programs, methods, self-help tips & techniques, etc. I desperately wanted to stop feeling miserable, angry, frustrated, sad, annoyed, betrayed, neglected...  I was determined to discover my truths and my answers without being told how and what to think.  I was tired of hearing this and that from everyone who desperately wanted me to listen to them!  


I discovered my truths. Though it took me a decade, I heard my voice.  I connected to my inner wisdom.  I reset myself based on who I am meant to be. I am a survivor of personal emotional distress which affects most of us at some point or other in our life, regardless of traumas, abuses, programming, experiences, etc.  


Prof. Dr. Eugene Heimler, survivor of Auschwitz, offered many of his clients a ‘statement question’ that demonstrates no discrimination, no prejudice when it comes to emotional imbalances: “What was your Auschwitz?”  see p. 22 The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness®

Creator of MindFit4Life Coaching & Programs, Emotional Fitness® Practitioner/Instructor, Author, Conference/Workshop Speaker, Educator (BEd), Level 2 EFT, n.d., Registered Reflexology Therapist, Podcaster

Mini Bio: 'Michelle  celebrates her well respected career as a middle school educator having helped hundreds of youth build strong life foundations.  Today, she has evolved into a successful Transformation Coach who guides and speaks about shifting mindsets and creating positive change.  Michelle specializes in Emotional Fitness®️, EFT, MindFit4Life™️ and Reflexology.' 


This Podcast was launched by Michelle & Daniel

(her husband of 30+ years) in August 2022.

They bring you into their everyday conversations

about life issues & situations discussing each one

in such a way that listeners are invited to connect

to their own understandings & come up with

personalized action plans for greater peace, joy

and contentment in all areas of life.

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My Story

My name is Michelle Gallant-Richards.  

I grew up in southeast New Brunswick.  My parents are French Acadian with a mixture of many beautiful cultures deep within my geneology. I have been happily married to Daniel Richards for 30+ years.  I have one son, a daughter-in-law and 3 grand children. Most of my family lives in southeast New Brunswick, including my parents, sister, brother and their families. 

I attended l'Université de Moncton where I received my BEd in 1992. For nearly 25 years, I was a teacher in both the public and private sectors of education within Canada.  I taught at the elementary & junior high levels.  Throughout my teaching career, I sat on numerous steering committees, was a member of several boards, as well as a municipal councillor at Beaubassin-Est, New Brunswick, Canada. During that time, I volunteered with National Camps for the Blind.  My passion for music, drama and arts&crafts gave me many beautiful opportunities such as directing plays, leading song services and offering creative art classes.  


In 2019, I realigned myself and set forth a new career path which led me to open Reflexology 3in1 Clinic in Dieppe, NB, as well as launch Emotional Fitness® Life.  Presently, I am a Registered Reflexology Therapist & licensed Emotional Fitness® instructor & practitioner. As of September 2022, I am an author, featured in the book: 'Life Out Loud', a co-authored project by Paula Simpson Morand & Victoria Craig, public speaker and workshop presenter.


Personally, I strongly believe in the benefits of taking a holistic approach to achieving mental, emotional & physical inner balance.  The most important commitments to self are giving 'myself' time, putting the effort needed, and willingness to pay a little or a lot to achieve the desired results.  I have dedicated my career to the mental & emotional well-being of those who cross my path, even though I needed to learn some effective strategies to enhance and strengthen my own personal wellness.  With great passion, I continue to promote inner healing & deep connections within the inner space of the mind. That is why I love this quote:  "I took a hard look at what sometimes held me back from creating what I wanted, and that shot me straight back into my core life themes: disconnecting with others because 'my thoughts and beliefs are not accepted by others'.  Old stuff..... those internal stories I give myself are so deeply ingrained that they emerge whenever I am challenged outside of my comfort zones. The action I am taking is to trust others more by sharing myself...and to 'come out' by speaking and making presentations to more groups..." - Warren Redman p. 187-188 The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness