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Tell Me More About Me! Still a 21st Century Motto?

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

The marketing industry would have me believe that they 'know' everything about me! The mental health system would have me believe that they 'know' why I am the way I am, as well as my solutions! The society as a whole would have me believe that I am needing everyone to 'tell me more about me'!

The truth is that only I know myself....

The Truth Is That...Only I 'Truly Know' Myself!

Sure...I may be a little confused or unsure as to who I truly am, especially when I enter the adult stages of life. I have been part of a greater picture that has attempted to program me in certain ways from my birth. Walk this way, talk this way, do this way, think this way, speak this way on and on. In fact, I have experienced some good, bad and in some cases traumatic events which quite probably have caused me to form beliefs to become resilient and go through the rest of the ups and downs of life.

No Advice Or Suggestion Will Create True Change Within Me! I Must Make My Own Self-Discoveries.

In reality, there is nothing that anyone can tell me about me that I don't already know or that is totally false based on assumptions. The truth is that I don't need anyone to 'tell me more about me'. What I need is for people to listen and give me back what they hear, so that I may discover my answers, my realizations and connect my dots! If I cannot answer the question: ' Who Am I?' then nobody can. I must make this realization on my own. Sure, I can be supported along the way, however, I require no advice or suggestion-simply a listening ear!

Discovering the Power of Listening to Myself & to Others!

Emotional Fitness® is a revolutionary approach for the 21st century! By learning to become a better listener. Let's be clear about what that means: "Firstly, I want to hear what is going on inside, so I may change, modify, adjust or delete those patterns, beliefs, ideas that don't serve me. The bonus is that I am able to offer deep listening in all my relationships and stay out of the way!"

Listening Power is the 1st Step to learning and becoming certified in the approach of Emotional Fitness®. Check out the training courses available in the Services section. Hope to see you soon and enter this journey with you!

Michelle Richards

Emotional Fitness® Personal Therapy Coach (online) & Course Instructor 1-506-988-1018

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