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To teach and provide the Emotional Fitness® method, empowering all people to live their most favorable health & wellness, inner balanced life in the present moment.

Blog....I know what it feels like to have everything around you crumble... or at least feel as though it is crumbling!!! In my 55 years of living, I have gone through being a 'yes' person, having the mindset that it is my responsibility to save and protect those around me, experiencing extreme sadness followed by a burnout, took everyone's words and actions personally, assumed the worse, had emotional highs and lows without understanding what was going on, wrestled with a deep anger, endured a major injury to my lower lumbar brought about by protecting a blind person from getting seriously hurt or worse, had difficulty following through with my great big ideas/visions, left a high paying teaching job in the hopes of making it as an entrepreneur while experiencing ongoing setbacks ...on and on. But through it all, I persevered in trying to understand myself better and why I felt so emotionally unsettled. It took years of deeply listening to myself. Sounds cliché? Well, I didn't even know what I was doing, I just knew that I needed to take the time with myself to better understand myself and why I was where I was. I remember my acupuncturist telling me: 'If your beliefs don't serve you then you need to get rid of them!" This made a lot of sense. I managed to release a lot of shit! I took the time to better understand the emotional and mental selves and how they work together. Today, I am emotionally balanced because I continue to practice what I share with everyone.


Here is a perfect example of going through trials and remaining inner balanced // emotionally and mentally well:


To join a whole community practicing Emotional Fitness® Life

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Core Values

  • Attentive- paying close attention to myself and in my relationships

  • Clarity- the quality of being authentic & affirmative with myself and in my relationships

  • Discovery- the process of discovering & finding myself and having aha moments

  • Faith- complete trust in myself & in the process of the Emotional Fitness® method

  • Hope- desiring & expecting something wonderful to happen to me and for others

  • Trust- believing in my ability & strength and the benefits the Emotional Fitness® method


The Approach of the 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness® is the sole basis of all our courses, workshops, training programs and one-on-one sessions with practitioners. We believe that in each person lies the answers to his/her problems. In a powerful way, individuals listen deeply to what is going on inside, make desired changes and progress onward with new personalized action plans.

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Emotional Fitness® Life offers training guaranteed to help the individual who wants to personally feel better about his/her life at home/work/play, as well as supporting the business enterprise that values human worth and wants to create an atmosphere of leadership, support and growth.

As practitioners, we abstain from offering suggestions, advice, criticism or guidance. Rather, each person is supported through deep listening which is sure to bring clarity to the mind and connect to the innate wisdom where answers reside.

‘Warren Redman has drawn on nearly thirty years experience as a psychotherapist, personal development trainer, coach, & lifelong learner to produce a book of immense significance and value to people who seek greater personal fulfilment.’ p. 20-22 The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness®     

Born in England, Warren Redman, a psychotherapist for nearly 35 years, spent much time conducting his own research in proving the efficacy of the Emotional Fitness® Approach.   'Influenced by some of the finest teachers and thinkers of the last fifty years, Redman created a synthesis of the nine steps for a new century that has already seen enormous upheaval....This book is a practical guide for a life of meaning, fulfilment and happiness.'  Warren moved to Canada in the mid 90s and presently resides in southeast, NB with his wife, Nicole. He continues to be involved in sharing his work through the Emotional Fitness® Institute Incorporated.  

                      The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness®   P. 20-22 The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness®

1-  Listening Power: ‘…listen more deeply to others & to yourself…’
2-  Learning From Experience: ‘…discover more about your experiences and what you have learned from them.’
3-  Lifescale:  ‘…unlock the door to your understanding of what brings you satisfaction and frustration.’
4-  Time Capsule:  ‘…connect your present self with your past and even your future…become your own personal guide.’
5-  Group Dialogue:  ‘…how to communicate and especially how to listen and to help others listen to each other.’
6-  Storytelling:  ‘..access your own inner stories & gain a greater understanding of yourself..not only..the past, but now’
7-  Dreamtime:  ‘…learn to access your dreams…enabling you to understand your own meanings from the symbols…’
8-  Mirror:  ‘…will bring you face-to-face with yourself…you will be seeing the new you emerge.’ 
9-  Connections: ‘…enable you to move forward to achieve long lasting emotional fitness.’    

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