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Emotional Fitness®
Level 1
Personal Dev. & Level 2 Facilitator Cert.
Course Outlines

Course Outlines: Apply the 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness®
MindFit4Life  Blueprint iyour personal life,
workplace and community?

As you read on the previous page, this course is ideal for individuals wanting to experience major changes in their personal and/or professional lives.  Perhaps you regularly feel a sense of discouragement, anger, anxiety, irritability, uneasiness, frustrations, triggers, hatred, sadness, unhappiness, or other.  If you are ready to take your personal and professional growth to the next level then this training IS for you!  Listening to yourself and others with a structure is key to peace within. 


The Emotional Fitness® personal and professional development training course is proven to be highly effective! Our program offers a practical and engaging curriculum that covers a wide range of topics, including mindfulness, stress reduction, communication, and self-awareness. Through experiential training, you'll gain valuable insights and tools to improve your emotional well-being and help others achieve the same. Additionally, you will have access to the MindFit4Life™ Blueprint a series of strategies allowing you to create positive and healthy relationships.


You may choose to enroll in Level 1 or Levels1&2 of the Emotional Fitness® personal and professional development training course. This is a guaranteed investment in yourself and your future. You will gain access to experienced professionals in the field, engage in hands-on exercises, and learn from a diverse group of fellow participants. Whether you are an educator, healthcare provider, corporate executive, or simply looking to improve your personal growth, this program is designed to meet every individual's needs.                                                                                    SEE OUTLINES BELOW

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Level 1 or Level 1&2 Course Outlines 
*See employer and/or union for funding

Level 1 & 2 Additional Details
9 Steps to Emotional Fitness® & Mindfit4Life™ Blueprint

Introduction & Ongoing Learning

Listening Contracts: Clear rules for respectful communication.

• Process Analyses: Self-awareness and personal growth.

• Personalization vs. Projecting: Better understanding and empathy.

• Avoiding Advice & Judgment: Safe space for open sharing.

• Selflessness in Facilitating: Amplified speaker focus.

• Group Practice: Confident group management skills.

• Observation Reports: Enhanced accountability and insights.

• Subject-EFit Connections: Real-world emotional fitness integration.

• 'Art of Facilitation': Dynamic and relevant engagement.

• Adaptation to Needs: Tailored, impactful interactions.

• Classroom or Facilitator Use: Practical application and impact.

Listening Power - Foundation

Better Listening: Empower conversations with active listening skills using a specific structure, empowering the individual to connect to the inner wisdom within.

• Listening Contract: Establish respectful communication dynamics.

• Attentive Hearing: Uncover the hidden message and pinpoint the issue, problem, or situation seeking understanding and resolution.

• Clear Understanding: Guarantee precise comprehension for both the speaker and the listener.

• Acceptance & Summarization: Validate and capture essence.

• Guided Response: Foster their meaningful actions.

• Listening Power: Empowers you & others to truly connect, understand, and discover meaningful solutions, fostering a deeper and more effective impact.

Learning From Experiences

Structured Reflection: Provides a clear framework for deep analysis and understanding of experiences.

• Comprehensive Exploration: Covers a wide range of life aspects, promoting holistic self-awareness. Investigating various experiences in work, leisure, education, relationships, and life events.

• Clarity in Expression: Helps individuals articulate and clarify their experiences for better understanding by describing, clarifying, and summarizing personal encounters.

• Empowering Insights: Facilitates the discovery of valuable insights, taking ownership, validating personal growth, and achievement through personal experiences.

•Learning From Experiences: Fosters growth, resilience, and informed decision-making, while enhancing self-awareness and strengthening relationships.

LifeScale - Focus Scales

• Insightful Scales: Acquiring fresh perspectives via the satisfaction vs. frustration scale.

• Emotional Balance: Attaining improved emotional equilibrium using the Lifescale tool. • Satisfaction Exploration: Delving into indicators like pleasure, purpose, place, power, and peace.

• Frustration Analysis: Investigating indicators such as pain, problems, prejudice, poverty, and pressure.

• Tailored Adjustment: Customizing the scale for work, life, relationships, teaching, and more to meet specific needs.

• LifeScale: Brings enhanced self-awareness, emotional balance, priority identification, empowered decision-making, and strengthened relationships through structured conversations about personal satisfaction and frustrations.

Time Capsule

• Interactive Reflection: Engaging in active self-reflection for personal growth and well-being.

• Structured Time Capsule: Utilizing the Time Capsule tool to capture insights and goals.

• Enhanced Self-Understanding: Gaining deeper insights into oneself through guided reflection.

• Effective Goal Setting: Setting and tracking goals with a tangible and visual tool.

• Sustainable Growth: Fostering consistent personal development through regular reflection.

•Discovering Inner Bonds: The Time Capsule isn't just about goals; it's a special bridge that connects your past, present, and future selves. By revisiting memories and dreams from these different times in your life, you get to understand your journey better and bring wisdom to your choices today. This heartfelt reflection brings healing, purpose, and a stronger bond to your life's story.

Group Dialogue-Support Dialogue

• Fostering Stronger Connections: Using Group Dialogue's structure to create better interactions and mutual support.

• Unlocking Benefits: Unveiling the perks including improved understanding, communication, problem-solving, listening skills, decision making, emotional intelligence, sharing ideas, peer support, team cohesion, and taking ownership of actions.

• Sharing Wisdom, Gently: Tapping into the power of sharing and receiving wisdom from others without any judgment, criticism, advice, or suggestions.

• Practical Applications: Learning how to weave Group Dialogue into classrooms, workplace and issue-solving for a more engaged and collaborative environment.

•Group Dialogue Strengthens connections, sparks understanding, and solves problems together. It's about listening, sharing, and growing as a team. It's where wisdom flows, relationships flourish, and solutions sprout.

DreamTime - That Which I Am

• Setting the stage with intention and clarity: It's about making a personal commitment to explore and honor the dreamscape.

• Art of Dream Mapping: Sketching out 3-6 pivotal moments or elements of the dream, laying the foundation for deeper exploration. By numbering them in sequence, we can see the dream's progression and understand its narrative.

• Diving Deep with Personification: Crafting a descriptive paragraph for each dream segment. This approach allows us to personify and connect more deeply with dream components. Using "I", "my", and "me" creates a profound bond with these elements.

• Clarifying and Personalizing: Embracing the dream's messages more wholly by adjusting and personalizing the narrative.

• Narrating the Dream's Symphony: Presenting the refined dream sequence in order, sharing its essence, and giving voice to subconscious revelations.

• Dream Insights: Concluding with an action plan drawn from the dream’s wisdom. 

StoryTelling - Reflections

• Object-Persona Fusion: Start by selecting an object that resonates. Pen down a vibrant personification story or description, breathing life into the inanimate and unlocking its tales.

• Echoes of Meaning: Share the penned story. As you read it aloud, the group offers clarification questions to help uncover the deeper meanings layered within.

• A Dip into Childhood: Revisit a memory from the early days. Recount this experience, but with a twist - write the tale in the present tense, making the past vividly come alive in the now.

• Past in the Present: Share the reimagined childhood memory out loud, immersing listeners in your world. Dive into its depths, and with the help of the group, summarize the profound meanings hidden in its folds.

• Intertwined Narratives: Overlay the object's story with your childhood memory. Unearth the parallels, contrasts, and nuances. This introspection culminates in personal revelations and insights, setting the stage for a well-charted action plan.


• Journey to Center: Begin with an invitation to find stillness. As you draw each breath, let go of external distractions and anchor your focus inwards, preparing for the mirrored exploration.

• Reflective Dialogue: Face the mirror. Lock eyes with the self. Initiate a raw, real conversation using the trinity of pronouns: <I>, <YOU>, <WE>. Speak from the heart, addressing the present moment, and let vulnerability and truth guide the conversation.

• Revelations in Reflection: Open to receiving clarifying questions coming out of the heart-to-heart mirrored conversation. Unveil discoveries made, and the insights gleaned for a deeper self-awareness and understanding.

• Crystalizing Insights: Take a moment to pen down a comprehensive summary of the mirror dialogue. Delve into its depths to discern personal implications, and chart out a potential action plan drawn from the reflections.

• Mirror Insights in Open Air: Present the write-up and share the envisioned action plan, the insights, and invite feedback. 


• Treasures with Tales: Dive into your repository of cherished items. Whether it's a memento passed down generations, a keepsake from a dear one, or a trinket from your travels, ensure its narrative intertwines with yours.

• Narrate its Worth: Stand with your chosen item and unveil its story. Share its significance, recount the memories it stirs, and the emotions it evokes in your heart.

• Unearthing Deeper Layers: Open the floor to clarifying questions, inviting others to help you delve deeper into the item's tale and its reflection on your life's journey.

• Connective Threads: Pen down the intertwined story of your chosen object and your personal development. Map out how this relic has influenced, inspired, or been a silent witness to your growth.

• Gifts of Affirmation: Absorb the affirmations, feedback, and verbal love gifts from peers and your instructor. 

• End of a Chapter, Not the Story: While "Connections" marks the culmination of the nine steps of Inner Balancing, it's merely a launchpad. The voyage of self-discovery is infinite. 


• Inward Dive: Begin with grounding yourself. Center and relax by focusing on each inhalation and exhalation.

• Embark on the Inner Voyage: Visualize a mental backpack, filling it with your worries, doubts, and stresses. With this weight, venture on a richly detailed inner expedition, guided by the soothing words of the facilitator. 

• Meeting the Enigmatic Sage: At the beach's horizon, a distant silhouette beckons. As you draw near, the figure radiates an aura of unmatched wisdom, peace, and serenity. In this sanctum of the soul, you eventually discern this enlightened being - its identity a secret known only to your heart.

• Dialogue with the Divine: The sanctity of the space grants you a chance to ask two profound questions. 

• Return and Resolve: Tracing your steps back to the backpack, you face a pivotal choice: pick up the burdens again or leave them behind, unburdened by past weights.

• Emergence & Enlightenment:  With newfound wisdom, you pen down the revelations and chart your path forward with a clarified vision.

Conclusion - Portfolios

• Facilitation Mastery: 

  • Hone your skills through in-training peer listening and independent facilitation practices

  • Showcase your expertise via a portfolio presentation, adhering to Emotional Fitness Institute's licensing protocols

• Mindfit4Life™ Integration:

  • Learn powerful yet straightforward Mindfit4Life™ techniques that fortify self-care, emotional health, interpersonal connections, physiological wellness, and intellectual growth

• Broadening the Horizon:

  • Explore ways to infuse Mindfit4Life™ & Emotional Fitness® in various settings: workplaces, schools, and communities

  • Post-training, keep the discovery journey alive and thriving

  • Guest experts elucidate the importance of carrying Emotional Fitness® into diverse life spheres

• Guidance & Group Sessions:

  • Deepen your insights with Emotional Fitness® facilitators through mentoring and group interactions

• Group Dialogue & Problem-Solving:

  • Engage in resolving issues, enhancing collaboration, and promoting emotional well-being

• Real-World Practicum:

  • Apply your Emotional Fitness® and Mindfit4Life™ skills in the workplace or the classroom

  • Practice an Emotional Fitness cross-curricular session 

  • Personal Observation Reports (POR), embracing 'Learning From Experiences' for a holistic analysis.

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