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Gratitude Journey 1 of 366: Peace Within Despite External Frustrations

Ever wonder why it is so difficult to be filled with gratitude? Wonder no more. It is because our human minds are geared to focus on the not-so-grateful moments we go through on a daily basis.

Interesting how most of us focus on the frustrating events and situations that occur on any given day, even though there are many peaceful and joyful moments experienced throughout that same 24hr block of time! Of course, what is represented as 'peaceful' or 'joyful' may vary for each of us. Personally, I find it peaceful to sit in the quietness of the hospital room by my husband's side, to drive on the stretch of highway between Shediac and Grand Barachois, to go for a walk with my dog, Roxy, and to lay in my bed at night with the heat pad on my back. Yet, all too often, I find myself focused on the frustrating occurrences of the day!

The more I travel through the journey of my life, the more I realize how important it is to remain filled with gratitude within myself despite any external turmoil and frustration I might be experiencing. After all, trying situations and events never cease to exist in our world: our home and work lives often feel chaotic and stressful, expectations and demands are on the rise, and the 21st century has brought its very own past, present and futuristic changes.

Little things can sometimes feel like gigantic emotional mountains. In turn, we enter into fight-flight-freeze in order to find a way to 'survive' and get to the top of the mountain. Truth be told... these gigantic mountains are usually on tiny hills that can be conquered easily. The other day, I told the staff member of an establishment that there was a coffee spill at the entrance of their doorway. I thought I was doing them a favour to let them know. But instead, I was used as a punching bag for all the frustration that the staff member felt in regards to her job and expectations on her. I was taken back. This scenario replayed in my mind for over 12 hrs. I tried to reason her behaviour. I couldn't. I tried to replay the scenario, wondering if I should have taken on the responsibility of cleaning the coffee spill, or ignore it all together. Needless to say: no other solution would have changed her frustration level. She felt the urge to vent and take it out on someone. I guess that person was me!

Though I cannot change that person, nor force her to apologize to me, there is one thing I can do. I can choose peace within instead of feeling frustrated with external situations. Today is day 1 of 366 towards my journey into gratitude and peace. I invite you to journey with me and let's see what happens!

Michelle Gallant-Richards

Educator (Bed) | Emotional Fitness Teacher | Coach | Registered Reflexology Therapist

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